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Jewish name consultation

We offer a free consultation service about Jewish names. Some questions we have answered:

  • My (Jewish) organization is creating a new program, and we need to come up with a name for it. Here are a few Hebrew and Yiddish words we're considering. Which do you think would be most understood and appropriate?

  • We're expecting a baby and considering the name X. What can you tell us about its history and nicknames?

  • We're expecting a baby and want to name her/him after my grandfather, whose Hebrew/Yiddish name was X. Which names should we consider?

  • I want to get a Hebrew tattoo of my son's name. How should I spell it?

  • My congregant's/father's/grandmother's Hebrew/Yiddish name was X. Can you help us spell it in Hebrew letters for the ketubah/gravestone?

Hundreds of website visitors have made use of this service, asking questions and getting responses within days. Sarah Bunin Benor, PhD, runs this service, answering questions within her areas of expertise and finding scholars to answer others.

Currently this service is available free of charge. If you'd like to express your gratitude, you're encouraged to make a donation to the Jewish Language Project.

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